Social Emotional Learning

The purpose behind social emotional learning (SEL) is to increase students’ self-awareness and help them learn how to healthily cope with specific situations. Music and other artforms increase self-expression, self-awareness, and also act therapeutically as children deal with individual issues. We provide two types of creative-based SEL programs.

The Identity
of Music

This creative and therapeutic program helps develop inclusive historical perspectives by learning how people of color have contributed to modern American music. It increases creative expression, technology-based critical thinking, and self-esteem. This program is offered to students in school, after-school, and out-of-school to students from Grade 3 through 12.

Song Creation

TAO musicians and producers create songs through numeric systems that associate music with math.  Students independently create songs with an iPad, utilizing the GarageBand application. Our music producer only assists in the creative production, encouraging students to approach musical problems with critical thinking, similar to that of coding techniques. This program is focused on taking risks, not perfection; it teaches children how to explore and discover music on their own.