A New Way to Educate

Not every individual learns the same way

Education must offer a variety of teaching techniques. It should be tailored to a child’s needs, regardless of status, upbringing, or learning challenges.

By teaching academic subjects through the creative arts, more students have a greater chance of becoming functional members of society as they develop a stronger, better, academic result. Our method of teaching encourages children’s imaginative side – combining structure with exploration.

By using creatives as our teaching staff, The Artist Outreach (TAO) engages children in unique ways that cannot be achieved through orthodox teaching methods.

TAO uses a patented and proven method

Our Programs


Arts-Integrated Academic Education

The STREAMliners acronym represents Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics.

Similar to STEM, however, we focus on reading and use original music and art as our engagement tools.  We focus on reading because STEM works so much better if you can read first, so that you understand the material at hand!

To approach this challenge, we use proprietary, patented techniques to help build better math and literacy outcomes in children. Our service delivery encourages all students to be on the same playing field when it comes to learning, regardless of any challenges that they may face.

Our innovative methods create positive academic outcomes, elevating the learning experience for students, and impacting teachers, as we offer them new approaches to teach through the eyes of the artist!

The STREAMliners encourages whole-brain thinking! Abstract thought, stemming from our creative and artistic side of the brain, helps build connections to subjects like math and science.

Through Art and Play, students have more “A Ha!” moments!

We focus on lower elementary because *if students are not proficient in language and numbers by Grade 3, often they never graduate high school.


Ancillary Programs

Social emotional learning

Our Social Emotional Learning program teaches students to explore their inner artist as a way to build confidence, self-esteem, and positive behavior. 

veteran classes

For those who have left public service, we offer various programs that encourage social and emotional growth as part of our holistic learning and healing structure.

Our Process 

Our Mission

To change the educational, emotional and financial futures of the individuals, schools and advocacy centers we serve through the creative arts programs we provide.


Improvement in Fluency

TCU’s Starpoint School (2015)


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Mesquite ISD (2019)



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