Events are normally private workshop performances and lectures. If you would like to observe a workshop for your organization, you must have approval from both, The Artist Outreach and the participating organization:

UPL Summit International (UPL/MSPT/HFF)

UPL Summit International (UPL/MSPT/HFF) TA: Gary Sherrill    10:30am-2:00pm   Reading Readiness K-2nd Grade TA: Joel McCray       8:00am-2:00pm   Song Creations K-5th Location: 1305 N Center Street,   Arlington, TX    […]


TA:  Joseph Vincelli & Alex Snyder CAMPUS:  Florence Elementary / PH:  (972) 290-4080 4600 Ashwood Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150 Principal:  Maria Franco                  […]


TA:  Chris Hicks CAMPUS:  Lawrence Elementary / PH:  (972) 882-7000  3811 Richman Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150 Principal:  Dr. RoShanda Jenkins                Email: 08:20am-08:40am – […]

UPL White Rock Hills (UPL/MFA)

UPLIFT WHITE ROCK HILLS PREPARATORY TA: CANDY WILLIAMS CONTACTs:  Director: Loren Colman  PH:  469-914-7500     Email: + Dean,   Frances Maisonet          Location:  7370 […]

Thank you for your interest in The Artist Outreach workshop performances!