Events are normally private workshop performances and lectures. If you would like to observe a workshop for your organization, you must have approval from both, The Artist Outreach and the participating organization:


OLPH MUSIC (OLPH) TA: Chris Hicks 08:00-08:45am – 2nd Grade 08:50-09:35am – 4th & 5th Grade 09:40-10:25am – 6th Grade 10:30-11:15am – 7th Grade 11:15-11:55pm – Recess/Lunch 12:00-12:45pm – 8th Grade  12:50-1:35pm – 3rd Grade 1:40-2:10pm – 1st […]

Hands on Magic (AC150-5P56)

TA:  Susan Keys, Merry Makers Location:  Edward Titche Elementary, 9560 Highfield Dr, Dallas, TX 75227 Contact: Alex McKinin    972-794-2100 10:15pm-11:15pm    Hands on Magic    

TCU Starpoint (TCU)

TA:  Joel McCray and Gary Sherril Campus:  Starpoint School          PH:  817.257.7141 2805 Stadium Drive, Ft. Worth, TX  76109 Contacts:  LaJean Sturman / Email: Principle:  Damian […]

Hands on Magic (AC142-78B9)

TA:  Susan Keys, Merry Makers Location:  McShan Elementary, 8307 Meadow Rd, Dallas, TX 75231 Contact: Alison Brown     972-502-3600 1:30pm-2:30pm    Hands on Magic

Thank you for your interest in The Artist Outreach workshop performances!