TAO Testimonials


“We are dealing with a child’s education.  We have little time to get it right.  (The Artist Outreach) is investing in the futures of not only our children, but our adult teachers as well.  We are thankful for TAO.”  

~ Dr. Denise Kutch, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation and Planning, Mesquite ISD,   Mesquite, Texas

“Wow!  What a wonderful presentation and lesson!  The children were engaged, having fun and learning all at the same time!  It was an incredible experience.  I learned more things about music in 60 minutes than I’ve learned in a lifetime.”  

~ Dr. Marilyn Tolbert (StarPoint School for students with Learning Differences) TCU Campus,   Fort Worth, Texas

FOLEY DESIGN STORYLINE:    “Kids were extremely engaged!  A great new way to learn how to work together.”

~ Bubba Dawson (Nexus Recovery Center)  Dallas, Texas

CIRCUS FREAKS:    “It was unlike anything we had ever done before and was very impressed with (their) ability to engage our kids.”

~ Lindsay Miller (Buckner Family Services)  Dallas, Texas

“…their cross-curricular connections were authentic and well-executed.”   

~ LeAnn Binford (Big Thought, Thriving Minds After School Program)  Dallas, Texas

“The students’ creativity (through improvisation) improved remarkably over 90 minutes.”   

~ Todd Toney (Garland North High School)  Garland, Texas

THE STORY WHEEL:   The activity and discussions generated some creative thoughts and imaginative concepts.  Brought our group (professional staff) even closer!

~ Lisa Reiling  (Recovery Resource Council)  Fort Worth, Texas

J&J: THE MUSICAL GEOMETRY DUDES:  “Math content was dramatically linked to music along with geometry.”   

~ Timothy Bowles (Teacher, Hardin Intermediate School)  Duncanville, Texas

Wonderful demonstrations!  Students, faculty, and administrators learned a lot about the philosophy of creativity and practice in the high school setting.”   

~ Greg Monsma (Saint Teresa’s Academy)  Kansas City, MO

“Joseph relates life experiences….to the students.  He’s VERY effective!”   

~ Ben Rohrer (Central High and Lakewood Middle Schools)  Salina, Kansas

“The (Workshop) Performance was excellent!  I wish we could get you to come on a regular basis!”

~ Jason Miller, (Principal @ Plummer Elementary School)  Cedar Hill, Texas

” (A) high energy lecture performance that involved using math and reading to stimulate creativity with music. (The) artists introduced students to use of numbers and vocabulary to create a variety of music. “

       ~ (Charlece Thomas James, Fort Worth After School Coordinator, Carroll Peak Elementary School)  Fort Worth, Texas

“(You) captured the kids attention by speaking motivationally and musically…The message was great!!

        ~ Sara Hosford, (teacher @ Lincoln High School & Humanities/Communications magnet, DISD)  Dallas, Texas

“Joseph engaged our students.”

        ~ Forrest Kaiser, (principal @ Caldwell Elementary and Arts Academy, Tyler ISD)  Tyler, Texas

“(The students) were mesmerized by his music.  Very inspiring.  Loved the improv!”

        ~ (Angela Rogers, Caldwell Elementary and Arts Academy, Tyler ISD)  Tyler, Texas

“Very Impressive Ability to tie in music, its disciplines and how they can apply to and relate to other professions.  Wonderful!”

          ~ (Valerie Huggler, All Saints Episcopal School)  Tyler, Texas

“This program is superior!  Joseph was such an asset to our kids.”

 ~ (Janet Golub, Holy Cross School)  Kansas City, MO

“I was truly impressed with the entire experience!  Joseph & Joel are professional, energetic, knowledgeable, and kid-friendly.  Your services are top notch!”

~ Evyn Ellis, (Recovery Resource Council, Camp L4)  Fort Worth, Texas

“All of the students were engaged and walked away with the understanding that they needed to learn the vocabulary of each subject in order to succeed.”  

          ~ (James Rice, SouthEast YMCA & Carroll Peak Elementary School)  Fort Worth, Texas

“They were great and have inspired the students.”

        ~ (Margaret Milham, Owens Elementary) Tyler, Texas

“The lecture was thought-provoking.”

~ Mr. Sharp (Cristo Rey) Kansas City, MO