TAO awarded a Matching Challenge Grant!

Friends of TAO!    We have been given a golden opportunity!

The Artist Outreach has received a $30,000 matching challenge grant for our “Play With Your Food!”

The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, a national foundation will match any funds we receive (up to $30,000) to help at-risk children (ages 7 -12) learn how to eat better and live a higher quality life.

The focus is on at-risk children  (victims of substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, & low-income families).   It is all nutrition-based cooking.

Our program is called “Play With Your Food!” Culinary artists create recipes with the children using “Dollar store” items and perishables that on sale at the local market.  It is to help the child build confidence in cooking daily, while increasing their knowledge of how to eat with better nutrition.  They utilize food profiles while encouraging the use of improvisation as main components towards the completed dishes.

Many low-income and at-risk individuals are faced with the daily challenge of limited funds and unhealthy cravings, including sugar cravings.  Sadly, fresh foods, as well as, low sugar and less processed items are often more expensive and potentially out of reach for our students.  Our nutrition classes teach how to recognize flavor profiles that can be duplicated with less expensive, yet still nutritious items.  The overall goal of the program is to teach the students that creativity in the kitchen can result in low cost, satisfying meals that are prepared with less processed and low sugar ingredients.  Our motto is, “You have to eat, you should eat well!”.

Here’s the great part:  This particular national foundation will match any funds that we receive so that we can double the amount of impact we can make on young people and their community.

Please help us help them!!

Go to www.TheArtistOutreach.org


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