Kansas City Nutrition Classes Make Big Impact!

Culinary Nutrition, “Play With Your Food!”

in Greater Kansas City is on its second full year of existence; we serve low income elementary school children on the effects of eating well and learning how to cook nutritiously “on-a-dime”.

This summer, our partners, YMCA of Greater Kansas City and Big Brother Big Sisters (KC), have seen great impact with how the children (and their parents) are learning about nutrition and food.  The program is funded by The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund as a matching grant coupled with our wonderful private donors in Dallas, Kansas City, and beyond, such as you!

Your dollars are showing to be a sound investment:

–  In 2016, students showed strong improvement towards what they knew to be nutritious….but that was at the end of the cooking series.
– In 2017, when we began the series with a pre-survey, we noticed that more than have of the students returned from the previous summer.  Moreover, when asked to name some nutritious foods, most of the students stated things like blueberries, broccoli, and eggplant.  Last year the students’ answers were steak with A1 sauce, pizza, and an apple…..no kidding.

We teach about antioxidants, probiotics, and free radicals through food consumption.  We know that the impact as many parents come to us and say, “My kid ate that??”

This fall YMCA-KC and The Artist Outreach are creating dinner classes for the entire families to come, eat good food, and learn how to cook and eat better inexpensively.  We expect this program to succeed at the “dinner hour”.

Thank you for your support this year and to The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund for making this program possible in Greater Kansas City!


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