“Play With Your Food! Culinary Nutrition!  Measures Improvement

The Results are In:
Early this year we asked you to give toward our program helping low socio-economic at-risk elementary students.  It gave them the chance to learn creative cooking techniques while learning many critical nutritional facts along the way.  The donations were matched by a national foundation, The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund.  We reached our financial goal and were able to serve over 6,000 students during 2016.

Partnering with YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters, local public schools, and Campfire, here are some of the results:
–  87% showed improvement in knowledge of food nutrition.
–  96%  showed improvement in remembering healthier alternatives towards their favorite                           foods.

–  80% of students were more outgoing.
–  86% of students had a desire to cook regularly at home as a result of the classes.

–  Much better attitude found were during in-school classes.
–  Grades were found to improve.

The foundation will be looking to repeat funding.  Along with several fundraisers, we are asking that you consider these programs as part of your 2017 giving.  

TDonate for 2017, Call for Information:

Call (214)906-1059  

(or Paypal through the www.TheArtistOutreach.org Donat button on the right)


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