Not Just Today, but Every Single Day…Thank You to Our Veterans!

Not Just Today, but Every Single Day…Thank You to Our Veterans!

 These are the kinds of words thousands of people around the country use after listening to the emotional stories of our wounded heroes that share about their time in the military. The actions of our service members is a true statement of patriotism, faith, camaraderie and strength. They are all on a journey, the road to recovery, it is different for everyone. Many experienced financial, and emotional struggles in addition to their physical wounds. Their families and children were all affected as well.

Here at The Artist Outreach, our teaching Artists and prominent local chefs, create recipes with Veterans and their families.  All of us not only need food for sustenance, but food offers a sense of daily accomplishment and builds confidence through creative improvisation.  As well, understanding the gut-to-brain concept (of helping the bloodstream through the food you eat) is helping our Veterans cope with PTSD and other manifestations from the service.   

We also offer an exclusive and dynamic program where our Veterans perform in drum circles. Allowing them to communicate better through creative ownership that helps to re-establish a personal identity as a part of the healing process during a difficult time while our patients navigate the recovery process.

To our men and women, in uniform…past, present, and future, with the utmost gratitude… We Thank You!!




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