Melody, Harmony, Rhythm & Blues Take 2!!

It’s finally here!! Monday, November 2, 2020, TAO rolled out our Identity of Music pilot program at Horn High School in Mesquite Texas, and what an amazing success it has been! Joel McCray, our Assistant Director of Programs/Music Producer leads this new project that will provide the opportunity for the students to be exposed to Latin and African cultural influences on American Music. It also exposes the students to song composition and how music can be used as an effective outlet to express emotions.  This program comes at an important time in our nation’s history as we are seeing shifts in equity and diversity, and the need for emotional outlets.

Nonprofit organizations and leaders have an important role to play in making change happen — but we cannot accomplish change responsibly and authentically without diverse and inclusive leadership that is committed to equality. Thank you Joel McCray for making a difference!

Thank you Mesquite Independent School district and Texas Commission for the Arts for this unique opportunity!


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