High School Workshops

TAO   STEAMlined Programs –

J & J:  The Musical Table of Elements    (Grades 8 – 10)    45 – 60 minutes

Joseph and Joel use music and sound to help identify what particular elements sound like.  They take the atomic numbers and weights and combine them into musical notation to create songs with the students.  As well, they show puzzles and games that can be used to help retain Element symbols.  Students will:

–          Learn about the table of elements in a fun way
–          Create songs using sound frequency and atomic weights
–          Build a stronger understanding of the Periodic Table of Elements
TAO & Science Fiction (A Short Film) (Grades 4 – 10)   90 – 180 minutes 

TAO Teaching Artists work with the students to create a short film based on a current science or history topic about which they are learning.  The students will revise a short script, rehearse and act.  The film will be edited and given to the teacher as a keepsake.  Students will:

–          Act, produce & script write
–          Learn about the various art forms involved in film making
–          Retain a better understanding of their current subject curriculum
–          How to balance creative ideas while executing subject matter
–          Improvise and experiment with their own ideas

We can tailor our program to fit your school’s technical and structural needs.  However, the primary objective behind our workshop program is to instill creative thought and creative exercise through Art.  When students understand the power of creativity and inspiration, they will then, apply it to their future careers and development of their own community. We want to encourage students to rise to another level of thinking above the one with which they are familiar.

With that said, here are some examples of what tools we use in the TAO workshops:

General Assemblies –

1.                  Exciting and Encouraging the Student to Develop Ideas
2.                  Using Music as a Form of Discipline
3.                  Explaining Where Music Originates
4.                  Using the Music to Which Students Listen for Inventiveness & Repetition
5.                  Address the Importance of Creativity
6.                  The Power of Idea & Thinking outside of the box
7.                  Perseverance in Career & Goal Achievement
8.                  Establishing an Individual Platform

Specific Music Classes –

1.                  Understanding the Instruments’ Tone of Voice
2.                  Understanding the relationship between the arts and other disciplines
3.                  Understanding the importance of creativity and the arts  in relation to history  
4.                  Learning Your Voice as a Player (Identifying your sound)
5.                  Balance, Dynamics, & Ensemble Performance  
(Videos can be seen @ TAO Workshop Videos)
6.                  Improvisation 
                  (refer to student page, keys to great improvisation, 
                   TAO Student Toolbox)
7.                  Symphony, Jazz & Concert Stages 
                 (Ensemble work: Balance, Dynamics and Group Listening) 
8.                  Performing with the Students in Concert 
                    (Videos can be seen @ TAO Workshop Videos)
9.                  Free Form Art  (Photos can be seen @ TAO Photo Gallery)
10.              Thinking Outside of the Box in relation to Composition, Performance, & Recording
11.              Masterclass Lectures for All of the Visual & Performing Art Students

High School Students:  TAO musicians, Joseph Vincelli and Joel McCray, performances are strong and passionate.  They begin by playing for students to get their attention.  Their stories are compelling as they discuss the passion they have for music, even as early as middle school students.  They explain the importance of being dedicated to practice, learning what to practice and learning about themselves along the way (working on their strengths and combating their weaknesses).

The primary ideal that we impress on students is the importance for them to create, whether it’s through music, painting, interior design, photography, or any other artistic outlet.  TAO’s objective is to explain how important creativity is to a person’s ability to inspire ideas, regardless of what career choice is made.  We highly recommend that you visit our videos page TAO Workshop Videos to see some of our workshop performances in action.