Creative Business Management Programs

TAO Founder, Joseph Vincelli & Coach of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle

TAO Founder, Joseph Vincelli & Coach of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle

 Creative Management

The SAM Approach

Using  the ARTS to for strategies and marketing

Improvised Art Programs for Inspired Leadership and Innovative Thinking

– Creative   Marketing

– Creative   Finances

– Creative   Design

– Creative   Administration

– Creative   Solutions

(critical thinking combined with Imagination)


YES AND - Inspired Living

YES! And…

Improv Storytelling 
A TAO teaching artist will work with the group on a combination of short- form and long-form improvisation games.  TAO actresses use theatrical exercises and improvisation games to guide the development of quality communication skills, innovative thinking, active listening, inspired collaboration, and team building. Whether a child, adolescent, or adult, we can all benefit from allowing everyone to exist on the same playing field as a unique individual and a valued member of the ensemble.  Groups will:
 – Revitalize the existing talents of team members
 – Rediscover the ability to connect through play
 – Hone the skills of active listening, spacial awareness, and quality communication
 – Practice acting spontaneously and creatively
 – Free themselves from fear of failure or judgment & Cultivate the spirit of the ensemble
Understanding Creative Management through Jazz Improvisation

Understanding Creative Management                                               through Jazz Improvisation

The Improviser  

A Discussion, Demonstration, and Exercise Program  on  Formulating  Inventive Ideas  With the Use of Improvisation
TAO Teaching Artists discuss the effective use of improvisation and calculated risk-taking in order for stronger leadership and Inventive ways to approach business.  As well, business students will walk away with exercises to them help release inhibitions in order to execute imagined thought while limiting exposure to long-term failure.   
–          Build Confidence while building Their Ability to Create
–          Learning ways to get over fear and the behaviors that go along with it
–          Explore and collaborate on ideas
–          Improvise with the use of the tools at hand
–          Find Out Personal Creative Levels

  The Story Wheel    

TAO Actors form group circles with the students to create a short story based on creative vocabulary, connections, and problem solutions.  The students bounce ideas off of each other to formulate creative literature and poetry.    

–          Learn group interaction for Stronger Creativity
–          Learn how to accept mistakes while changing the error into success 
–          Learn how to improvise and experiment with their own ideas through Literary Exercise
–          Learn about a particular Native American principal and Historical Philosophy
–          Cross reference your co-workers personalities as you build this story through the workshop

TAO Drum CircleThe Drum Circle  

 Improvisational Drumming

TAO Teaching Artists approach this workshop with the concept of collective improvisational drumming in order to release inhibitions and think freely.