April, 2013 Newsletter


Greetings, TAO Friends,

I, have released my 14th CD, entitled, Meritage, The Flute CD

ALL PROCEEDS OF SALES GO DIRECTLY TO THE ARTIST OUTREACH, so buy some for yourself and friends!

Our official first fundraiser was set up as a jazz concert soiree’ & CD release  on Saturday, March 2nd.  We reached our goal and brought in over $7,000.00 which will help us perform programs for students throughout North Texas.

This past month, we lectured at the Texas Association of School Boards, Winter Governance, in Corpus Christi.  As well, we are performing a workshop for young people, victims of substance abuse, to help develop their creative minds and strengthen their self-esteem.  Which brings me to our last topic:

The Artist Outreach currently has 4 styles of programming: 

2 Program initiatives for School Students:  The STREAMliners

(STREAMling learning by infiltrating the creative ARTS into STEM and TEKS skills as well as performing residencies)

1  Program initiative for Advocacy Groups:  Inspired Living

(Building Positive Behavior in the Damaged Child and Adult Alike through the Power of Creativity)

1  Program initiative for Business Students:  Creative Management

(Teaching Improvisational Techniques for Educated Risk-Taking and Problem Solving)


We thank you for your interest in our programs and hope you a successful and healthy month!!



Joseph Vincelli

Founder and Executive Director


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