2016 Fluency Results from TAO & TCU’s Starpoint School

During the 2015 – 2016 school year, TCU’s Starpoint School (entire student body) and The Artist Outreach collaborated on a research project that sought to demonstrate the effectiveness on fluency and reading with the constant use of our program, Rhythmic Vocabulary.   We used video and audio recordings for our testing.  The accumulated outcome was determined by individual students, class grade levels, and consolidated results separating lower and elementary students.  Aside from fluency, we included baseline data on their speech performance including speed, melody, rhythm, volume and articulation.  The results of this fluency test were astounding!  Of the 60 participating students:

Lower Elementary Combined Results:

                97% of lower elementary demonstrated a marked improvement in the categories of speed and articulation.  93% of upper elementary demonstrated a vast improvement in speed, while 92% of upper elementary students demonstrated a vast improvement in the rhythm and fluency.

This is an exciting addition to music classes as yet, another way to build cross-curricular teaching!

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