2013 – Fundraisers & Presentations!

January, 2013 Newsletter


Why does a jazz improviser become an ideal candidate for speaking to businesses and students alike on innovation?


Improvisation… It all boils down to creating on the fly …….


Research studies and articles are emphasizing the importance of free thinking and improvisation as the vehicle for inspired execution.  “Yes” To the Mess (published, 2012) is just the latest on realizing how jazz improvisers are ideal in explaining how the creative process works, from authentic behavior to articulation and arrangement, to execution.  We are perfect advocates for this cause especially to children.  We need exposure.


Our first semester out, we influenced nearly 2000 students.  As we approach the spring semester, we are developing a platform for understanding the creative philosophy that will be shared to many administrators around North Texas and the entire Texas community (as we present at the TASB, Texas Association of School Boards and other venues this spring).


I have been preparing for these moments over the past few decades of my life and look forward to this opportunity.  As I continue research, I see others that understand this philosophy, but it is a minority in numbers.  Help us help students become the next big thing by infiltrating arts into their studies through TAO


Lastly, we have produced a CD that will be released on March 2 at our jazz soiree’ fundraiser.  We hope that you will “SAVE THE DATE” for either attending our party or purchasing a CD to help raise funds for future workshops. 


To a Healthy & Prosperous 2013!!!



Joseph Vincelli, Founder and Executive Director

The Artist Outreach, Inc.




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