Healing In Motion Performances

Creativity is a process of continuous self-renewal and personal transformation.    ~  Sigi Peneda

 Creative ownership helps tremendously as a part of the healing process during a difficult time in these patient’s recovery programs.   Our programs are offered to our partners which include organizations that focus on domestic violence, substance abuse, and other recovery programs.

Additionally, we perform a regular program with the U. S. Veterans Affairs and encourage these programs as a staff development class to build continuity and cohesion within each of our non-profit partners’ organizations. 

JeannaDoyle bio picSuite Hope Makeup Artistrysuitehope_final

Jeanna Doyle is a professional makeup artist and the founder of Suite Hope, a non-profit, helping cancer victims build confidence through attraction.  Jeanna works with our partners’ clients and patients to encourage a positive outlook on their lives by teaching a method of improvised makeup styling that works for each individual.

Movement Medication (through Yoga & Dance)

Pure and Simple Yoga & Culinary ArtistryAmy Jo Bind Logo

Yoga Instructor and Natural Nutrition expert, Amy Jo Hearron, uses yoga as a way to center the individual as well as build natural movement.  She combines her efforts with a wonderful segment on culinary design that demonstrates ways to cook with natural products that enhance the way we feel and gives the participant opportunity to create their own substitutions toward their culinary dishes.  http://www.pureandsimple.typepad.com/



J & J: The Musical Dudes

J & J:  The Musical Dudes:  Song Creation

TAO Teaching Artists,  Joseph & Joel create a song and lyrics with students in order to extract each of their authentic inner qualities.  Student children and adults alike, change negative behavior into positive behavior through the use of creativity.  

TAO culinary scientistPlay With Your Food!!

Life Skills:  Culinary Art, Food Creating and Development Session

“You Have to Eat, You Might as well Eat Well!!

TAO Teaching Artists and prominent local chefs, create recipes with student children and adults alike.  All of us not only need food for sustenance, but food offers a sense of daily accomplishment and builds confidence through creative improvisation.   

 The Story Wheel    A Short Story or Poem

Beth Bando Bontley forms group circles with the students to create a short story based on a current topic about which they are experiencing.  During this exercise students retain a deeper understanding of themselves while they bounce ideas off of each other to formulate creative literature and poetry.    Also, associations between music, colors, the calendar, life evolution and numbers will be presented.